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10 Best PSP Emulator For Android Devices

This post was most recently updated on October 18th, 2018

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) was launched back in December 2004 and was one of the finest handheld consoles available during that time. Although it never really became what Sony wanted it to be, a pocket-sized PlayStation 2. But it surely gained popularity among the teenagers. During its seven-year run time, Sony sold over 82 million units of PlayStation Portable worldwide and it enjoyed a vast fan following.

The main reason behind the success of PSP was its never-ending Library of graphics intensive games. It has over 1300 games from different genres like Racing, Action, Adventure, Fighting, RPG, Puzzle and more.
If you are one of those people who still misses playing God Of War and other titles on your PSP, then you are on the right page.

Nowadays, almost everyone has an Android smartphone which is much more powerful than the old PSP console and with the help of a PSP emulator, you can easily run your favorite PSP games on your Android Smartphone and Tablet.

How It Works

Now, if you are wondering how is it possible to run Sony’s console exclusive titles on an Android device then the answer is simple.
Nowadays, an average Android smartphone or tablet comes with at least a quad-core processor and 2 gigs of RAM which is way more processing power than the old PSP.

This allowed developers to build an emulation software that can run the PSP exclusive games in a much higher resolution with better textures and framerates.
Below is the list of 5 PSP emulators which you can try on your Android Smartphone and Tablet.

PPSSPP – PSP emulator

ppsspp emulator for android
image source – google images.

Out of every emulator mentioned in the list, PPSSPP is the best one that you can try on your Android Smartphone. From God Of War to your favorite NFS titles, PPSSPP can run it all without any glitch or lags. It has a simple UI so it is good for beginners but it also provides you the advanced options in the settings where you can adjust the textures, frames, gameplay speed, controller and much more.

In case you are wondering, it also supports the hardware controller. I have tried playing Dragon Ball: Shin Budokai, and God Of War: Chains Of Olympus using an Xbox 360 controller on my Nexus 9 and it worked like a charm. It is available for free on the Google Play Store. You can also purchase the PPSSPP Gold from the Play Store which will give you the same experience without any ads.

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AwePSP - PSP emulator
image source – apprecs

AwePSP is a pretty simple PSP emulator. It is available for free on the Google Play and supports just about every PlayStation Portable game. Playing a game on AwePSP is pretty easy. All you need to do is download it from Play Store, run it, select a game from your device’s memory and enjoy it on your Android smartphone and Tablet.

Although it does have a few bugs or glitches which you will find in almost every emulator still it runs fine in most of the cases.
AwePSP does not have too many customization options and has a simple UI with basic features. You will get an on-screen controller and also the support of an external hardware controller. Also, it features other basic extensions of the game and allows you to save your progress during the game (literally you can save and load from anywhere). It is good for those who are testing waters and since it is free, you can try it on your Android device.

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Pro PSP Emulator 2018

Pro PSP Emulator 2018 is one of the many PSP emulators that do the job in a similar manner. But for some reason, Google removed it from the Play Store. So in order to try it, you will have to download its apk and then install it on your Android device. While trying the Pro PSP Emulator 2018, I have noticed that it runs fine most of the time but still, sometimes, it freezes or slows down the framerate for whatever reason. It has quite a lot of bugs which makes the overall experience unpleasant. I’d recommend you to try the other PSP emulators before trying this one.

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RetroArch emulator
image source – RetroArch

RetroArch is a very unique PSP emulator. It uses the Liberto system to emulate different gaming platforms. RetroArch can run games from different platforms like SNES, PSP, Wii and many more. It is available on almost every platform like Android, Mac, Windows, Linux etc. And it works fine most of the time.

Apart from a few compatibility issues, I did not have any major problem in running the PSP games on my Android smartphone. RetroArch basically utilizes the plugins which act as an emulator so as long as you have the required plugin, you can run games from almost every supported Platform.
You can try out the RetroArch on your Android device (or any device) but it has a learning curve since it is not one of the simplest systems out there.

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Rocket PSP Emulator for PSP Games

rocket psp emulator for android
image source – androidappsapk

Rocket PSP Emulator is good for newbies who are trying the PSP Emulator for the first time. It has a simple user interface and provides basic options for the configuration. The old PSP games look much better on the Rocket PSP Emulator and work flawlessly. It has fewer bugs and the overall gaming experience is much better than the others.
It does a pretty good job of upscaling the resolution and improves the overall visual quality. Also, it supports almost every Android device so even if you own a lower-end smartphone, the games will still run smoothly.

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Honorable Mentions

  • PSP Emulator 2018
  • DamonPS2 Pro PSP Emulator
  • PSPlay – PSP Emulator
  • Psp emulator – Emulator ppsspp pro 2019
  • New PSP Emulator


So these are some of the best PSP emulators that you can try on your Android devices. Although they can play most of the PSP iso without any hassle still there are some of the in-game features which are still unsupported by the emulators because of the complexity of layers between different platforms and emulation bugs.

Because of the limitations, you cannot play multiplayer or online battle modes yet.

Apart from that, everything else works fine and you can enjoy your favorite PSP iso without any issues. Just make sure that you download your copy of the game from an authorized source as we don’t support piracy of the copyright products.

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